All the waste and license management in only one platform. MyWaste has some functionalities designed to bring transparency and traceability for the relationship with its providers and customers.


Waste and products management

  • Waste registration
  • Waste input
  • Waste output
  • Waste output checking
  • Products output
  • Treatments types
  • Bales pressing

Storage and packaging control

  • Packages to the waste packaging
  • Storage place
  • Generation of tags with QR Code
  • Storage chargeback

  Reports management

  • Waste output reports
  • Waste input reports
  • Product output reports
  • Storage movement reports
  • Visitation reports
  • License and conditioning reports
  • Packaging reports

  Emission of legal documents

  • MTR generation for output load
  • Emission of the emergency form Class I waste
  • SIGECORS report (for Rio Grande do Sul companies)
  • CADRI control (for São Paulo companies)

  Licenses and conditioning monitoring

  • A calendar with an alert of the licenses and conditionings validity
  • A control of the operation licenses and conditionings deadline

  Routes and internal collection management 

  • Creation of internal collection routes
  • Collection solicitation
  • Collection confirmation

  Indicators and graphic accompanying

  • Dashboard
  • Establishment of waste production goals by sector (general or by waste)


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