All waste and license management on a single platform. MeuRes Waste has features designed to bring transparency and traceability in management and in the relationship with its suppliers and customers.


 Waste and product management

  • Waste registration
  • Entry of waste
  • Waste output
  • Waste exit conference
  • Output of products
  • Types of treatments
  • Waste pressing

 Control of storage and packaging

  • Waste packaging
  • Storage location
  • Generation of tags with QR code
  • Storage reversal

  Report management

  • Waste output reports
  • Waste input report
  • Product output report
  • Storage movement report
  • Visits report
  • License and condition report
  • Packaging report

  Issuance of legal documents

  • Generation of documents for output load
  • Emergency plug emission for Class I waste
  • SIGECORS report (for companies in Rio Grande do Sul)
  • CADRI control (for companies in São Paulo)

  Monitoring of licenses and conditions

  • Calendar with alert on the validity of licenses and conditions
  • Control of operating license terms and conditions

  Route management and internal collections

  • Creation of internal collection routes
  • Collection requests
  • Collection confirmation

  Monitoring of indicators and graphs

  • Dashboard
  • Establishment of waste production targets by sector (general or by waste)


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