Youre collections more organized and the traceability guaranteed from side to side. Create and manage routes and knew exactly when and how collections where realizade and handed in


 Route and collection management

  • Using the APP to realize the collection
  • Evidence capture (pictures and digital signature) on the collection realization
  • Routes creation
  • Route models
  • Route optimization
  • Collection solicitation
  • Collections confirmation
  • Collection conference
  • Release of realized collections for revenues
  • E-mail dispatch about collection warning
  • E-mail dispatch about realized collection warning with the evidence in appendix
  • Emission of collection receipt

  Emission of legal documents

  • MTR generation for output load
  • Emission of the emergency form to Class I waste
  • SIGECORS report (for Rio Grande do Sul companies)
  • CADRI control (for São Paulo companies)
  • Emission of realized collection certificate and automatic sending

  Indicators and graphicac companying

  • Dashboard with graph
  • Accompanying of the synchronization (software with APP)
  • Estimated of the collection with the foreseen
  • Mapping the realized visitation
  • Accompanying the collection pendency
  • Indication of waste class and collected volume
  • Route status (route execution)

  Reports management

  • Waste output reports
  • Waste input reports
  • Product output reports
  • Storage movement reports
  • License and conditioning reports
  • Packaging reports

  Licenses and conditioning monitoring 

  • A calendar with alert of the licenses and conditionings validity
  • A control of the operating licenses conditionings deadline

Customers management

  • Customers registration
  • Contracts renovation
  • Canceling the contracts renovation
  • Pre-billing
  • Generation of pre-billing batches
  • Batches consulting
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