Its more organized collections and guaranteed end-to-end traceability. Create and manage routes and knew exactly when and how collections and deliveries were carried out.


 Route and collection management

  • Use of APP to perform collections
  • Capture of evidence (photos and digital signature) in the collection
  • Creating routes
  • Route templates
  • Route optimization
  • Request for collections
  • Confirmation of collections
  • Collection Conference
  • Release of collections performed for billing
  • Sending collection notice email
  • Sending e-mail of the collection notice with the attached evidence
  • Issuing the collection receipt

  Issuance of legal documents

  • Generation of documents for output load
  • Issuance of the emergency form for hazardous waste
  • SIGECORS report (for companies in Rio Grande do Sul)
  • CADRI control (for companies in São Paulo)
  • Issuance of the collection certificate performed and automatic sending

  Monitoring of indicators and graphs

  • Dashboard with graph
  • Synchronization tracking (software with APP)
  • Estimated collected with predicted
  • Mapping of visits made
  • Monitoring of collection issues
  • Indication of waste class and collected volume
  • Route status (route execution)

  Report management

  • Waste output reports
  • Waste input report
  • Product output report
  • Storage movement report
  • License and condition report
  • Packaging report

  Monitoring of licenses and conditions

  • Calendar with alert on the validity of licenses and conditions
  • Control of operating license terms and conditions

 Client management

  • Customer base
  • Contract renewal
  • Cancellation of contract renewal
  • Pre-billing
  • Generation of pre-billing batches
  • Consult batches

  Route management and internal collections

  • Creation of internal collection routes
  • Collection requests
  • Collection confirmation
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