In waste management, generating companies and suppliers must work aligned in search of the best alternatives to manage waste, since the National Solid Waste Policy, established by Law No. 12305/2010, has as one of its fundamental principles the shared responsibility for the life cycle of products.

Therefore, when generators choose to outsource the management of its residues it is essential that they establish a supplier qualification and evaluation policy.

Auditing and qualifying suppliers are interesting ways that generating companies can use to avoid future problems, because even if they are not directly responsible for waste management, the generator can be held responsible and punished for any damage to the environment or human health caused by its suppliers.

It is important that the supplier is qualified before the start of services, for this, it is up to the generator to analyze the legal requirements to which its supplier is subject.

Your company must request all documentation from the supplier in order to guarantee the execution of activities in accordance with legal requirements, such as environmental license, records, registration data and certifications. The use of self-assessment questionnaires can also be used during the supplier qualification phase.

Performing a face-to-face audit on the supplier is of paramount importance, as it is during the visit that possible problems can be detected that would not be perceived only with document analysis. For example, assessing whether the supplier’s employees use the necessary PPE during the performance of activities and whether it complies with labor law.

Count on qualified suppliers to carry out the collection services, transport and disposal of waste generated by your company is essential for the image of your enterprise.

For this there are tools, such as meuResiduo, where generating companies can control the terms of environmental licenses, conditions and suppliers’ records, receive alerts if a supplier is not able to carry out the transport or receive some type of waste generated by your company, in addition the software allows the registration and archiving of vouchers and documents related to the transportation and final destination of the waste.