The optimization of transport routes in a company helps to reduce costs with maintenance, fuel, personnel, fleet and generates greater productivity. Planning routes manually is a lot of work and certainly makes your company lose a lot of time and money, limiting its growth and winning new customers.

In addition, many times the manager ends up waking up hours earlier to be able to organize the routes and communicate with the drivers, several sheets of paper are printed for the knowledge of the routes and for filling in as the collections are carried out, which is the responsibility of the drivers. At the end of the route, all data annotated on paper are returned to be entered into an electronic spreadsheet, increasing the risk of error and loss of information along this path.

All of this work can be optimized with the use of a good route planning system that helps to lower your company’s costs, increase productivity and even optimize the fleet saving fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

MeuRes Waste is a digital platform that centralizes all the information on the management of waste collections and performs routing for each vehicle. With it you will know in advance the forecast of time and estimated mileage for the execution of each route, helping to evaluate the operational cost of the route and assist your team in planning in order to optimize the vehicle fleet.

Monitor in real time when the next collection should be at the customer, manage collection requests and assemble routes optimally taking into account the best route and time restrictions for each customer, and stop working with information on paper.

This way your company ensures agility, speed and punctuality in collections. You achieve customer satisfaction by completing collections on time. In addition, the tool maintains all traceability of the residues, from the moment of collection to the final destination, allowing the client to have access and receive information in real time, including MTRs, final destination certificates, photographic evidence of the collection, coordinates of GPS and signature of the person responsible for collection.