With regard to waste collection logistics, apps can be great allies, as they help to monitor the work of external teams, allowing collections to be launched in real time on the client with photo capture and digital signature. Thus, there is the elimination of paper in the collection, more accurate data and reduction of errors and rework.

Within this context, creating routes through a platform that is efficient, intuitive and delivers more productivity to companies that collect and transport waste is something that becomes essential.

Not having the support of technology makes the work not only more difficult, but also confusing, generating operational problems and more costs, delays, technical difficulties and, consequently, loss.

Through these tools, managers are able to obtain information with greater precision. They can plan routes, analyze whether what has been planned is being carried out and, if not, understand the reasons for the change in plans and also know:

  • the time to collect samples from each customer;
  • distance and estimated time to execute the routes;
  • the amount of collections to be performed;
  • real-time status on the progress of routes.

It all starts with a simple script sent to the collectors’ smartphones daily. From there, it is up to the teams to make the journey through the application itself and take charge of the registration of collections, with the capture of photographic evidence and the customer’s digital signature.

With this the company eliminates rework and the use of paper in the collections and through the routing through the app the collection teams spend less time with commuting, as they can avoid traveling on congested roads for example, increasing the productivity of the collections and reducing costs for the company .

Investment in technology promotes the automation of activities, ensuring greater agility, increased productivity, improved communication, easier access and sharing of information, greater security and reliability of data, reduced costs, among many other advantages.