We know that the routine of a manager of a waste carrier is very busy, after all, there are a series of commitments and tasks that need to be fulfilled to ensure the full functioning of the company and customer satisfaction.

Contract management is an example of a task that must be monitored in an organized and efficient manner, because without a correct control of contractual documents the company may forget to renew with a customer, which can cause losses to the company.

One way to make contract management more efficient is to use technology to your advantage. With that in mind, meuResidue has developed the functionality where you can generate the contract for the collection and transportation of your customers’ waste using the software, you can also control the renewal and contract expiration terms.

Just select the customer or the period in which you want to consult and the system will inform the list of customers who are in the renewal period. Furthermore, applying a readjustment index to the selected contracts, automatically, myResidue generates the new contract with the updated values ​​of the residues.

All of this can still be integrated with billing systems, avoiding rework with typing, since all collections are calculated according to each client’s contract, further optimizing processes and ensuring better results for your company.