The waste management scenario is characterized by being very manual and with the use of various tools such as spreadsheets, Word documents, papers, calendars and e-mails, which often ends up making the process quite laborious, isn’t it?

The time spent on compiling data to generate reports for environmental agencies and customers is great. In addition to numerous data, the professional who works in waste management must deal with a great complexity of information regarding the traceability of waste, compliance with environmental legislation and all documentation related to waste management.

Faced with this scenario is my Residue, online software and app for waste management. The system has 4 different modules for different actors: waste generators, waste collection and transportation companies, recipients / attendants and environmental consultants.

All stages of waste management can be controlled by the software, in addition the app allows images to be captured of the waste being managed, ensuring a wide and detailed view of the life cycle of the waste.

Understand how my Residue can help your company:

  • Issuance of legal documents: The MTR, the Emergency Form and the envelope can be generated directly by the tool;
  • Control of legal deadlines: Documents such as licenses, certificates, records, permits and others can be managed directly in the solution, which will always notify you when there is a document that needs to be renewed and that is close to expiration;
  • Management of environmental conditions: The conditions of the environmental licenses of the company, customers and suppliers can also be controlled by meuResiduo, which will send alerts by e-mail notifying when the deadline for complying with them comes;
  • Traceability: It is essential that companies have a mapping of all waste that is being generated, collected and destined. Meu Meu Waste provides information regarding the generation, collection, transport, receipt and final destination of the waste;
  • Time reduction: With the use of specialized software, the rework with the data feed in spreadsheets is eliminated and all waste handling happens directly through the app or the software that will automatically generate graphs and reports. Thus, the team involved in the management will have more time and conditions to evaluate the management and implement improvement actions.