The importance of qualified suppliers

In waste management, generating and supplier companies must work in alignment in search of the best alternatives to manage waste

Understand the Three Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability is not only linked to the environment, but also to the social and economic environment, thus forming the three pillars that aim to guarantee the planet’s integrity and improve the quality of life. So let’s understand a little more about the three pillars of sustainability: Social: refers to human capital, such as the creation

Reasons for your company to have a Waste Management Software

The waste management scenario is characterized by being very manual and with the use of various tools such as spreadsheets, Word documents, papers, calendars and e-mails, which often ends up making the process quite laborious, isn’t it? The time spent on compiling data to generate reports for environmental agencies and customers is great. In addition

Generation of Waste Collection and Management Certificate

Certificates are essential documents for audits and inspections by environmental agencies. They are a tool for traceability and transparency of the service provided between the company that issues the document and the company that generates the waste. As a way to complement the documentation and provide greater security and traceability to customers, many carriers /

How My Waste Enables Process Improvement in Waste Management

The correct management of solid waste is a legal obligation of any organization and the proper disposal of waste is one of the biggest challenges faced by environmental agencies for years. Companies that have an efficient waste management program have the ability to reduce waste, optimize the use of raw materials and reuse materials that

Get Control of Packaging Logistics with my Residue

The packaging logistics that a waste transport company needs to carry out, in order to meet the demand of all customers, needs to be assertive and efficient. Packaging, such as drums, drums, garbage bins and containers for example, are items that are part of the company’s assets and the registration and control of these materials

MyResidue APP Signature Capture, GPS, Photo, Barcode, Date and Time, Volume and Type of Waste

Among the main daily challenges of companies that perform waste collection and transportation is the lack of innovative resources to make activities more dynamic and standardized, since it is common to use paper forms to record and control data, the which generates rework with typing in spreadsheets and increases the risk of errors. For these

Generation of Customer Contracts Through My Residue

Generating contracts can be a very time consuming task, especially for companies that have a large customer base. In addition to taking a lot of time, writing a contract involves a lot of bureaucracy and any mistake in your writing can cause several inconveniences for both the company and the client. Thinking about it, meuResído


The Waste Transport Manifesto (MTR) is a numbered document that serves to control the shipment, transport and receipt of waste at the final disposal unit. In Rio Grande do Sul, the MTR is issued through the MTR ONLINE System through the FEPAM website and the generator is responsible for issuing it, in addition, a printed


According to the standard, solid waste is defined as: Solid and semi-solid waste, resulting from industrial, domestic, hospital, commercial, agricultural, service and sweeping activities. Included in this definition are sludges from water treatment systems, those generated in pollution control equipment and installations, as well as certain liquids whose particularities make their release into the public