Online platform for waste collection: 5 essential features

The logistics of collecting and transporting waste presents challenges that need to be overcome daily. Ensuring good waste management, complying with environmental legislation, increasing the efficiency and speed of collection, automating processes, are just some of them. And for that, a software for managing collections can be a great ally. The challenge is precisely to

How can a waste management app and software revolutionize your company’s collection control?

The digital platform is aimed at any company that needs to control its collections quickly and efficiently. Using geolocation, myResidue makes it possible to monitor in real time the execution of each collection, in addition to the departure and arrival times, thus measuring the movement time of each route. Thanks to the use of the

Save time and money with optimized routes in my Residue

The optimization of transport routes in a company helps to reduce costs with maintenance, fuel, personnel, fleet and generates greater productivity. Planning routes manually is a lot of work and certainly makes your company lose a lot of time and money, limiting its growth and winning new customers. In addition, many times the manager ends

Differences between a smartphone app (app) and a mobile site (web app)

With similar names and the same access point on the smartphone, companies end up confusing their customers saying that they have software for all applications. Sometimes, we notice that many companies report that they have an app integrated into their digital platform (we use the concept of digital platform as a technology-based business model here).

How software can facilitate your company’s waste management

The management of solid waste is a strategic issue and is legally addressed by the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS). The objective of the PNRS is to define the priority order according to each type of waste, in addition to indicating technological alternatives for its proper treatment and / or destination. Through the control of

MyResidue informs the amount to be paid for collection automatically

Does your company perform oil collection? Do you have multiple customers? Is the collection control still manual? We know that the routine of companies that collect waste is very fast and dynamic, because it is necessary to carry out the entire logistical, operational and administrative organization – ranging from the collection teams’ schedule and creation


We know that the routine of a manager of a waste carrier is very busy, after all, there are a series of commitments and tasks that need to be fulfilled to ensure the full functioning of the company and customer satisfaction. Contract management is an example of a task that must be monitored in an

How to provide transparency to customers regarding waste management

How many reports on waste management do you need to issue to your customers each month? Have you ever stopped to calculate how long it takes to do this?

The importance of recycling targets for companies

A 2017 survey released by Opinion Box revealed that consumers are increasingly concerned with a company’s sustainable practices.

How waste management contributes to achieving SDG 12

In 2015, 193 United Nations member countries adopted a new global policy: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.