Among the main daily challenges of companies that perform waste collection and transportation is the lack of innovative resources to make activities more dynamic and standardized, since it is common to use paper forms to record and control data, the which generates rework with typing in spreadsheets and increases the risk of errors.

For these and other reasons, the use of technology to collect data in the field has gained space among companies, providing greater operational efficiency and ensuring more accurate information and at the same time improving the quality of services.

An example of technology developed to assist in the collection of waste is meuResidue, online software and app for waste management, which during the collection process, through the application, can be captured:

  • GPS coordinates: The app captures the vehicle’s coordinates during the execution of the route, allowing the company to monitor the route traveled, vehicle stop points and locations where the collections were made;
  • Bar code or QR code: By reading bar codes or QR code, it is possible to identify the collection points of the customer or the collected waste;
  • Photographic evidence of the collection: The app allows you to capture photos before and after the collection of waste in each client, the evidence can be viewed on the web system for the purposes of checking and generating reports;
  • Date and time of the collection record: The collection of the date and time of the collection are carried out automatically by the app and are kept in the collection history of each customer;
  • User who registered the collection: The registration of the user responsible for carrying out the collection is also captured automatically by the application and is kept in the collection history of the system;
  • Type of waste: At each collection, the type of waste that is being collected at the client must be indicated on the app and for verification purposes the application allows you to capture photographic evidence before and after the collection of the waste;
  • Waste volume: For each waste collected, the user needs to register the volume being collected, otherwise, it is not possible to finish a collection in the app;
  • Signature: At the end of a collection, the customer has the option to check the data recorded in the app and perform the collection signature on the mobile device. The system maintains the signature history of each customer’s collections.

Technologies such as meuResidue provide advancement in the quality of the collection process, ensuring transparency and traceability of waste, optimizing processes and facilitating the control and management of waste that is collected and destined.