How many waste management records do you need to issue to your customers every month? Have you ever stopped to calculate how long it takes to compile how information and generate these reports? Information is easy to access, secure and include? Where are they currently?

We know that a company management routine that collects, transports and Waste destination is quite rush and accurate. After all, there are several tasks that need aligned and well managed to ensure the company’s good performance and Clients satisfaction.

The flow and amount of necessary information that needs to be managed deserves due attention and the certainty that they are safe, as they can be defined directly or performance and cause damage when it is not well managed.

To help with these and other issues, a technology has been gaining space among waste carriers of all sizes. MyResidue has software with an integrated application developed specifically to help companies that perform a collection, transport and destination of waste.

Nowadays, there is an increasing need for transparency so that a loyalty relationship with customers is created. Through my residue, in addition to be used as information about collected and used waste, you can provide greater transparency to your customers by providing access to software so that they confirm important information about your collections and have access to the main reports.

The software still has features capable of sending emails to the customer to inform when they will collect and send e-mails after a period of collections, with information on the type of waste collected, quantity, data and time of collection.

Only with the help of a specialized tool throughout the collection chain, transport and destination of the waste can be generated in a safer and more assertive way. Thus ensuring total traceability and transparency regarding waste management environmental agencies and customers.