The correct management of solid waste is a legal obligation of any organization and the proper disposal of waste is one of the biggest challenges faced by environmental agencies for years.

Companies that have an efficient waste management program have the ability to reduce waste, optimize the use of raw materials and reuse materials that were previously discarded, thus reducing their costs.

However, for companies to improve the management of waste produced, just knowing environmental laws is not enough. For this, the use of technology has been a great ally for managers to obtain process improvement in waste management and at the same time be in compliance with current environmental guidelines.

In this sense, software with an integrated application such as meuResidue, which encompasses all phases of the waste life cycle and guarantees total traceability of waste is an important tool for an organization that is concerned with its environmental performance.

In addition to controlling the generation and output of waste, it is possible to monitor the waste stock in real time, issue legal and administrative reports quickly, have all document control (MTR, Emergency Form, Certificate of final destination, environmental licenses), establish and monitor compliance with internal targets for reducing the generation of waste and costs by sectors of the company, making collection requests, among other features that aim to optimize the flow of information and processes.