The digital platform is aimed at any company that needs to control its collections quickly and efficiently. Using geolocation, myResidue makes it possible to monitor in real time the execution of each collection, in addition to the departure and arrival times, thus measuring the movement time of each route.

Thanks to the use of the collection application integrated with the web system, the information is updated instantly, since the entire collection record is done in real time by the field team. This interactivity brings a great differential, as it allows the manager to monitor in real time the way the service is being provided, as well as checking for possible occurrences.

When a collection is carried out, it is possible to register photos of the collected waste, as well as photos of the collection point after the collection has been carried out. The application also allows you to photograph any type of occurrence during operations, ensuring better monitoring. In addition, if the device is offline at the time of a collection, for example, it is possible to download it and, when the internet is reestablished, myResidue will automatically transmit the information.

All these facilities allow an improvement of the collection control, making it easy, safe and without papers and spreadsheets of parallel control, and from there the customers will be able to receive access to a web interface to monitor the situation of their collections, issuing documents such as the MTR and the Certificate, as well as they will also be able to receive system notifications automatically, by email, with each collection performed.

This intelligent monitoring, with real-time monitoring, optimizes logistical processes and contributes to management centered on business indicators. With this, your company will be able to reach even higher levels of excellence. Some of the main benefits of tracking collections in real time are:

  • monitor in real time the order in which the collections are carried out;
  • increase the traceability of collected waste;
  • improve transparency with the customer;
  • eliminate the use of paper and spreadsheets in management;
  • savings with reduced rework, time and fuel savings with optimized routes.

In short, the main reason for managing collections in real time is to increase the efficiency and control of the processes. After all, you will have complete control over the operation, from the time the truck leaves your company until the moment it reaches its final destination.

Whoever works in the logistics segment knows that communication is a determining factor for the success of operations. Therefore, the implementation of specialized software keeps your company competitive. As well as, it reduces communication failures and makes collection management more agile. It is a solution that allows the central and the collection team to be connected throughout the route, and may even include a new collection on an ongoing route.