In the waste logistics segment, technology can help increase the productivity and operational efficiency of carriers. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it allows for great versatility and elimination of manual work.

Through the meuRes Waste app, it is possible to update collections, check routes, send photos of collected waste, view maps, capture the customer’s signature, among other features.

Here are some practical examples to which the tool contributes:

  • View by drivers of updated daily, weekly or monthly routes;
  • Update the status of collections in real time;
  • Sending photos of the collected waste;
  • Record of incidences during collections;
  • Capture the geolocation of the collection team;
  • Digital signature via app.

With a technological solution, reworks such as data entry by an intermediary between the driver and the system are eliminated. This contributes to an operation with greater productivity and a leaner working model, providing several benefits such as:

Cost reduction

Through routing, the system programs the most optimized route for the driver. In this way, the company reduces fuel, tire and maintenance costs. In addition, the risk of errors is reduced and the volume reported by the collection team can be easily checked through the system.

Greater Control

The possibility of viewing and updating the collected collections online, as well as knowing the status of each route, allows greater operational control to the carrier.

Quick info

It is common for occurrences to occur during transport, be it non-conformity, incorrect address, absence of a customer, among others. The tool also allows any incidence to be recorded at the moment it happens, which increases the time needed for solving problems.

Automatic emission of MTR and emergency card

Generating these documents manually can be a lot of work, especially when the company has many customers, and the risk of errors during filling is greater.

For this, a waste management software must have the functionality to automatically generate the mandatory documents for the transportation of waste. The MTR and the Emergency Form are documents that must accompany the cargo, especially when it comes to hazardous waste.