The packaging logistics that a waste transport company needs to carry out, in order to meet the demand of all customers, needs to be assertive and efficient.

Packaging, such as drums, drums, garbage bins and containers for example, are items that are part of the company’s assets and the registration and control of these materials that are provided, whether on loan or not to customers, must be carried out in order to avoid deviations, losses and consequently losses for the company.

MyResidue, besides helping your company in the management of collected and destined waste, allows you to control the flow of the company’s packaging.

For each route generated in my Residue, it is possible to view the quantity of packaging that each customer has so that the company can prepare the vehicles to leave with the necessary packaging and in sufficient quantities to serve customers on the route.

At the time of collection at the customer, through the MeuRes Waste application, field teams can register existing, supplied and collected packaging at customers, as well as record photographic evidence of them.

At the end of a route, when the vehicle returns to the company’s headquarters, it is possible to check how many packages were loaded into the itinerary, how many were supplied to customers and how many returned back.

Thus, the company obtains all the control of packaging logistics that are loaded into scripts, supplied and collected from customers, thus eliminating manual controls in spreadsheets and reworks.