Certificates are essential documents for audits and inspections by environmental agencies. They are a tool for traceability and transparency of the service provided between the company that issues the document and the company that generates the waste.

As a way to complement the documentation and provide greater security and traceability to customers, many carriers / managers issue their own waste collection and management certificate, in addition to presenting the final destination certificate issued by the recipient to the customer.

Therefore, one of the new features of meuResidue allows carriers / managers to generate waste collection and management certificates for their customers.

The document has data on the collection and transportation of waste, including: generator data, type of waste and quantity collected, period, number of MTRs, among other information.

Based on a model registered in the system, it will generate the certificates according to the standard stipulated by the company and maintain the history of the certificates issued to each client.

With this and other software features, companies that transport and manage waste ensure efficiency and traceability throughout the waste’s lifecycle, from collection at the generator to final disposal, providing a higher quality service and streamlining process flows which, without the aid of a tool, are characterized by being manual and time consuming.