Generating contracts can be a very time consuming task, especially for companies that have a large customer base. In addition to taking a lot of time, writing a contract involves a lot of bureaucracy and any mistake in your writing can cause several inconveniences for both the company and the client.

Thinking about it, meuResído developed a feature within the software that is the generation of contracts between waste carriers and their customers. Through this functionality, the company contracted to provide waste collection and transportation services has the option of generating a contract according to its standard template.

Within the system, the contract data is customizable according to each client’s particularity. From the registration of data such as type of contract, frequency of collection, date of contracting and renewal, frequency of collection and payment term, types of waste and their values, the system will generate the document ready for signature.

The benefits of generating waste collection and transport contracts through my Residue are:

  • The generation of contracts by the software drastically reduces the time of making it;
  • The company minimizes the risk of errors in typing the document;
  • The consultation of contracts can be done entirely by the system, without the need to search the document in folders and parallel files;
  • All records and changes to contracts are kept in the system’s history;
  • All contracts are centralized within the software.