With similar names and the same access point on the smartphone, companies end up confusing their customers saying that they have software for all applications.

Sometimes, we notice that many companies report that they have an app integrated into their digital platform (we use the concept of digital platform as a technology-based business model here). That is, in addition to the website, there is also the app, to collect via smartphone or tablet, information outside the company environment that can be accessed remotely in real time by those in the office.

So, which technological solution to hire?

Before making this decision, read the content we have prepared to explain the differences for these two issues (app and web app) that are recurring in our day-to-day lives.

What kind of app does the company have? What is the difference between them?

Web app or mobile site

A website with a well-prepared layout adapts to the format of the computer screen, the format of the tablet and the smartphone, the information even changes position, but the size of them is preserved.

In fact, every website works on a smartphone, because the browser is the same on a computer or on a smartphone, the big difference persists whether the website is responsive or not.

If the site is not responsive, we will see the user use the famous “spider hand”, decreasing and increasing the zoom (resolution). So the user experience is bad and the tendency is for them to give up using the site.

You can find out if a website is responsive by opening an internet page and reducing the browser horizontally or opening the website on a smartphone, there you will be able to check the responsiveness of the website.

Well, we talked about the responsive format, but there is a different model, the Web app or mobile site, it uses responsive technology, but it has a different format than the conventional one. It is usually presented in a list format, to facilitate navigation, but it is just a web site with a different format. That also uses the browser and, because you can only enter some information, not interact with the tools available on your smartphone.

Smartphone app or mobile app (app)

The difference between a web app and a smartphone app (app) is big. In fact, it is totally different. The first big difference is that an app needs to be installed and runs directly within the smartphone’s operating system, so it achieves much better performance, runs offline (outside the network) and has the ability to use the device’s resources, such as the camera, touch screen, digital reader, among others.

Because it is software, it needs to work with the different operating systems of smartphones, it is a recent technology and there is very little manpower available, this set of factors makes an application design much more expensive than a web app.

So when it comes to evidence collection, route optimization, lack of network signal, there is no escape from the smartphone application (app), mainly due to its usability and performance, and that only my Residue has in Brazil.