Many managers still use spreadsheets, which can make work more difficult, confusing and even time-consuming. This not only brings operational problems, but also generates greater expenses, delays and technical difficulties.

With this, the use of technology is gaining more and more space in companies in order to improve and optimize their processes, especially with the aid of applications that assist the logistic process.

With the help of an app for controlling waste collections, the need to use papers and spreadsheets is eliminated. Through the digital signature, which can be performed in the application itself, it is possible to authenticate and verify the collection safely.

An app is also capable of organizing your entire inventory, making it easy to check the outputs and inputs of waste from your inventory, in addition to having access to various types of waste management management reports.

Follow in real time the results of your company and the daily performance of your collection team. Checking the collections made and pending and occurring by customer, by employee, by date and time are just some of the benefits that my Residue provides to companies, in addition to these stand out:

  • Route optimization and reduction of operating costs;
  • Increased productivity of collection teams;
  • Routine monitoring of collection teams and services performed;
  • Registration of collections with photographic evidence of each residue;
  • Real-time monitoring of collection operations at each client;
  • Automatic notification to the customer as collections are made;
  • Exclusive area for customers to request collections and monitor the traceability of the collected waste;
  • 100% online solution, accessible from anywhere.

These benefits are linked to the way the collection management processes are carried out and managed. Technology has greatly helped companies to automate activities, monitor and analyze data in a timely manner, in short, to enhance results with smarter and more efficient operations and controls.