From spreadsheets to the app: how technology can improve waste management efficiency

Using spreadsheets in waste management in companies can have some advantages because it is an accessible tool, has a low cost and can be accessed offline. However, in the current world where information arrives extremely quickly and the need to be always up to date is paramount, the time to use spreadsheets in management is

How an app transforms data transparency for waste collection companies

In the waste logistics segment, technology can help increase the productivity and operational efficiency of carriers. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it allows for great versatility and elimination of manual work. Through the meuRes Waste app, it is possible to update collections, check routes, send photos of collected waste,

Integration of myResidue and Blue Account

Partnership signed between meuResidue and ContaAzul That’s right! We are starting 2020 with total right foot and a super novelty for my Resuo customers. In December 2019 myResidue and ContaAzul were integrated and the biggest beneficiary of this partnership is you! The integration was signed for greater optimization of processes, facilitations and organizational control, in