Online platform for waste collection: 5 essential functionalities

The logistic of collection and waste transportation presents challenges that need to be overcome every day. Guarantying a good waste management, fulfill the environmental legislation, increase the efficiency and the speed on the collection, automatize the processes, are only some of them. And, for this, a software for collection management can be a great ally.

How can an app and a waste management software revolutionize the collecting control of your company?

The digital platform is performed for any company that needs to control its collections in a fast and efficient way. Using geo-localization, MyWaste enables the accompanying in real time of each collect, besides the time of input and output, measuring the time of movement of each route. Thanks to the use of the collection app

Save time and money with the optimized routes in MyWaste

The optimization of the transportation routes in a company helps on the cost reduction with maintenance, gas, people, shipping and generates a better productivity. Planning the routes manually is a hard work and surely it makes your company lose much time and money, limiting your growing and the achievement of new customers. Besides, many times