meuResíduo is an environmental control software outlined, created and managed by Tekann Mobile Solutions.

Tekann Mobile Solutions is a specialized enterprise in software development, founded in 2004 and based in the technological park at the University of Santa Cruz do Sul (TECNOUNISC). Tekann is a company focused in corporative applications, with programmes running in over 20 countries.

With the need of a client in 2014, Tekann Mobile Solutions decided to invest in a software for integrated environmental management rendering tracking and transparency in the executed actions for any of the stakeholders comprehended in the residue management.

meuResíduo is an integrated platform (web & mobile) in the residue management support, its removal (with option of photographic registry), transport, routing organization, storage, mapping and geo-localization of the removal and final destination.

meuresíduo integrates a web portal and a mobile system:

· Web Portal – security and infrastructure hosted in the cloud (Microsoft Azure Cloud), with perfect operational visibility, key software for the administrative management and user strategy.
· Mobile – dynamic application, that allows, for example, to the consigner and the carrier, the registry and necessary evidences for the compliance of the legal obligations, which shall assure the control of the responsibility chain. As a unique differential, meuresíduo is a software that can operate offline, i.e., it can be fed with data independently of internet availability.

Residues Management

Assures the tracking of the destination of the originated residues.


meuResíduo integrates existing operational systems, issues legal and administrative reports, allows the management and compliance of internal targets for reduction in residues generation and its costs by company departments.

Controls inventory/storage.


Agility, Reliability and Safety.


The functionalities of meuResíduo enable efficiency in the management of its tracking and visibility, eliminating manual controls. It assures quality and agility in the removal information, efficiency improvement in the work of the personnel involved, and transparency between the company and its clients.

Practical and efficient for the logistic and residue removal.

Transparency in the data provided to companies


The functionalities of meuresíduo enable to the residue manager the supply of real time information for the clients.


meuResíduo integrates all controls, management and demands systems of the residues receivers, with reduction of operational costs arising from the administrative rework – from the sale of the service to the issuing of the certificate of destination to the client. It expedites routines and documents issuing.
Efficiency and control of licensing constraints, along with other legal obligations.

Provides transparency
and assurance for the client

Expedites the attendance of
client and public agencies demands.

Environmental consultants

meuResíduo enables the control of environmental constraints, deadlines, legal & contractual obligations in a shared manner among the consultancies and clients users of the system.

Environmental agencies

meuResíduo contributes with public administration as the transparency of the involved administrative flows allow to reduce the anomalies, operating as a self-scrutiny process, complementing the public agency role in the implementation of environmental policies and its defense.

Contributes the public administration to reduce the anomalies and environmental legislation.

WITH meuResíduo

Tracking. Software for the comply with environmental legislation. Manual controls elimination. Quality and agility. Transparency between clients and service providers.


Assurance & Mobility
Documents issuing
Possibility of photographic registry
Deadline control
Monitoring of Performance indicators
Different access levels availability


Organize the field routing.

Map removal locals.

Register the material removed.

Validate the information in the removal point.

Receive periodical reports.

Track removal data.

Capture photographic evidences of the process.

View some of the screens

Ask for a demonstration environment

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